How to Rent Furniture for Staging

To stage your home, it is ideal to rent elegant, posh furniture. Here are step-by-step instructions you can follow to rent furniture for staging!

Staging a home involves adding beautiful and attractive furniture and accessories in order to accentuate the beauty and size of your home and thus attract potential buyers. To stage your home, it is ideal to rent elegant, posh furniture. Here are step-by-step instructions you can follow to rent furniture for staging!

1. Look Up Furniture Rental Companies in Your Area

Run a search for “furniture rentals” plus the name of your town, city or province. Furniture rental businesses are more common than you might expect, as they cater to businesses, realtors, individual homeowners and even members of the entertainment industry. This means that you are likely to find one near you. For example, you can search for “Burnaby furniture rentals” or “Vancouver furniture rentals”.

2. Visit a Company’s Website for More Information

Pick a rental company from your search results to take a closer look at what they have to offer. Viewing a company’s website will give you a better idea of the exact services they provide, as well as their signature decorating style and general price range. Additionally, look at their Google Reviews or Yelp reviews to gain a better understanding of their reputation and reliability. Finally, compare several different rental companies (assuming you have more than a couple to choose from) to find one that best suits your sensibilities and budget.

3. Call the Company to Enquire about the Furniture

If you like what you see on a furniture rental company’s website, call them and discuss the details of the rental process. A quick chat will give you a chance to learn about the company’s products and policies and ask whatever questions you might have. Some good questions to ask include “Where do you source your furniture?”, “Is it possible to pick out pieces individually?” and “How long does a standard rental agreement last?”

4. Assess How much Furniture You Need

If you are staging your whole house for walkthroughs, you will want to have enough pieces on display to tie each room together. This will call for large, coordinated items like beds, tables and seating areas. If you are only planning on listing 1 or 2 rooms, you can probably get away with renting a single set of furnishings in your preferred theme.

5. Pick out Furniture by Style

The pieces leased by furniture rental companies are typically grouped together as packages based on popular decorating themes such as modern, rustic, urban and townhouse. Browsing by style is probably the easiest way to find furniture that compliments your living space without having to select each item individually. When you shop by style, you will receive a complete set of furnishings that have been curated based on a common look.

Furniture packages are often categorized by room, which makes it possible to mix-and-match different styles between rooms. For example, you might fill your living room with contemporary minimalist pieces and select a rustic French chateau motif for the master bedroom.

6. Compare Items from the Company’s Inventory Individually

Online catalogues, showrooms and stores make it easy to shop for furniture one piece at a time. There, you will find items separated by type, such as beds, sofas, tables, chairs and lighting fixtures. Some companies even stock functional appliances and other accessories like wall art and miscellaneous decorations. Be sure to write down the name or item number of each piece along with its price to keep track of how much you can expect to spend. Picking out furniture individually can be useful when you are sprucing up a room that does not fall into one of the usual categories, or if you want to put your own personal touch on your living space. In some cases, it may be possible to add individual items to a pre-curated package for an additional charge.

7. Shop for Accessories to Provide the Finishing Touches

Before you check out, take a look at some of the decorative items the company has available, like rugs, mirrors, throw pillows, potted plants and eye-catching knickknacks. These items are perfect for giving homes a lived-in quality, especially in cozy, intimate quarters like bedrooms and bathrooms.

Consider spending a little extra on a few wall hangings, sculptures, and other pieces of artwork. The right selections can make any home feel more cultured.

Depending on how extensive a company’s inventory is, you might even be able to find small accessories like woven baskets, candles and flower arrangements for as little as a few dollars apiece.

8. Rent a Storage Unit to Store Existing Furniture

To make room for rental furniture, you can store your existing furniture in a storage unit. You can select a storage unit that suits the number of pieces of furniture you have. Our large storage units start from 8 feet by 13 feet to meet your space needs. If you want even more space, you can opt for our extra large storage units, which start from 10 feet by 21 feet. We are proud to serve clients across Greater Vancouver and Greater Vancouver Island by establishing self-storage facilities in the following areas:

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