How to Keep Your Self Storage Unit Rodent-Free

Storage units

Keeping your storage space free from rodents and pests is really important. Sometimes, without realizing it, the way we pack things into storage can attract these unwanted visitors. It’s crucial to learn how to keep them out.

Instead of rushing to buy traps or other sorts of deterrent, try some simple methods first. Being prepared can make a big difference in keeping your stuff clean and safe.

Here are some tips to keep rats and pests out of your self storage:

  • Pack things in sealed containers: Use plastic containers with tight lids, especially for things like clothes and fabrics. New cardboard boxes are better because they’re stronger and less likely to have holes where pests can get in. Avoid using old boxes from grocery stores or restaurants.
  • Don’t store food: It might seem obvious, but many people make this mistake. Check everywhere for food crumbs, even in furniture and kitchen items. Also, avoid eating in your storage space as the smell can attract pests.
  • Keep items off the ground: Elevate your belongings using shelves or pallets. This not only makes it harder for pests to get to your stuff but also protects it from moisture.
  • Cover mattresses and furniture: Use plastic covers to prevent bed bugs and other pests from getting into mattresses. Make sure any upholstered furniture is also covered.
  • Use natural repellents: Instead of using harmful chemicals, try things like cedar blocks, lavender oil, or peppermint oil to keep pests away.
  • Visit your storage unit regularly: Check for signs of pests or damage every couple of months. If you spot any issues, let the management know right away.

When choosing a storage facility, make sure it’s well-maintained and has good pest control measures in place. Look for clean surroundings, regular pest control services, and well-kept doors and access areas.

Lastly, make sure your insurance policy covers damage from pests or rodents. Keeping a detailed inventory of your stored items can also help if you ever need to make a claim.

By following these tips, you can keep your storage space free from pests and rodents.