How To Declutter Your Home with A Storage Unit in the New Year!

Happy New Year! We hope you enjoyed a wonderful holiday season safely with your loved ones, with scrumptious food and lovely gifts! 

New Year Celebration

Happy New Year! We hope you enjoyed a wonderful holiday season safely with your loved ones, with scrumptious food and lovely gifts! 

While the holiday season is a terrific, festive time, it is also a period that can easily make your home messy. To help you kickstart your year with a clean slate, we have put together four tips you can use to declutter your home. Check them out!

Get Organized

When you are taking down holiday decorations and tidying up your home, you can also consider storing or getting rid of items that are simply laying around the house. For example, seasonal clothes you do not wear often, CDs you do not listen to anymore, or other similar items can be organized together and stored somewhere else outside your home. You can also donate items such as electronics and clothes that others may find useful.

When gathering all the items that you want to donate, get rid of, or store, categorize the items and create a spreadsheet listing all of them. For example, you can create  a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and create a category called “sweaters”. Once the list has been created, add descriptions of the sweaters in the list so you know which items will go in which box when you start packing the items down the road.

Buy Storage Supplies

After you have created categories and placed each belonging in their respective category, you can buy storage supplies, including:

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Storage file boxes
  • Packaging tape
  • Scissors

At U-Lock Mini Storage, we sell quality and economical cardboard boxes. If you are looking to buy cardboard boxes, please contact one of our storage unit facilities near you and we will be delighted to help!

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Box Your Belongings

Once you have purchased all the necessary supplies, it is time to box your belongings according to the categories you created. 

When boxing your belongings, it is recommended to place boxes that have the same category in the same area. For example, if you have several boxes labeled “old sweaters”, you can gather these boxes in the same area in your home so when you pick the boxes up and move them to a storage unit or a donation centre, you can find these boxes more easily.

Book a Storage Unit

Now that you have boxed all your items and identified the ones you want to donate, get rid of, or store, you can book a storage unit

You can choose a storage unit size according to the size and number of boxes you have. To start, you can book a 5 x 5 feet storage unit. This storage unit size is equivalent to a regular closet where you can store personal items, clothes, boxes, skis, children’s toys, small furniture items, or business records and supplies etc.. If you want something a bit bigger, we recommend upgrading to a 5 x 7 feet storage unit.

If you have any questions about storage units, please feel free to contact us!

Find Resources or an Extra Hand for the Move

The final step in decluttering your home with a storage unit is seeking resources to help you store your items. Whether it is booking an appointment with a moving company, finding friends for extra muscle, or renting a moving truck, make sure you have found all the necessary resources you need to store your belongings in a storage unit seamlessly!

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