6 Reasons Why Vancouver Businesses Are Using Storage Units

Our storage units provide additional storage space alongside a wide range of benefits that Vancouver businesses need at competitive rates. Here are top six reasons why Vancouver businesses are using our storage units:

Store inventory

If a business has recently acquired more inventory, downsized to a smaller space, seized operation, or wanted to store items from the previous season to create more room for in-season fashion items, they can most definitely use our storage units to securely store their products or office items! We offer month-to-month no-commitment contracts which mean that businesses can store their items for a couple of months when they need the extra storage space and stop using storage units once they have enough space in their offices or stores.

Store vehicles

Businesses use our car storage facility at our U-Lock Self Storage Burnaby and Vancouver location to store their vehicle during their off-season. For example, a home improvement company may experience slow periods during certain months in a year and can pause insurance of a few of their company vehicles and store the vehicles at our Vancouver facility. Doing this helps the company save tremendously on auto insurance and protects the vehicles from external damages if the vehicles were parked out on the street or a parking lot where there’s minimal security. Our car storage unit is located in our storage facility which is protected by gates and fences and monitored 24 hours a day with an HD surveillance system. Each storage unit is installed with individual alarms so when a burglar attempts to break in a storage unit, the alarm would sound and security and police enforcement would escalate to the storage facility to remedy the issue.

Store Home Decorators, Home Staging Props or Real Estate Signs

Realtors, home decors, or professionals who are associated with the real estate industry need a place to store their home decors, home staging props, or for sale signs. Using a storage unit offers you the right solution to temporarily store the items adjacent to their business, such as various types of furniture needed to stage a house for sale in order to make it more appealing. In storage, the items will stay clean and undamaged, especially in a climate-controlled unit.

Store Office Supplies During a Renovation

Renovating or relocating are also times when businesses can enjoy the benefits of storage units as they can temporarily store their stock and a range of other items during the process. Select a storage facility that offers moving truck services for convenience. With various businesses come various needs, so you might want to store diverse items such as desktop computers, file cabinets and documents, cubicle dividers and break room appliances. In the unfortunate event of a fire or storm, you can safely store your business-related items in a storage unit until you can begin carrying out your business as usual again.

Store Documents

More businesses have gone digital nowadays by using cloud services such as Google Drive or Microsoft Azure Cloud to store company documents and these businesses no longer need cabinets to store future company documents. That said, some companies may still want to retain physical copies or certain documents or don’t want to replicate digital companies of certain important or confidential documents and upload the documents onto the cloud. These companies would turn to storage units to store old company documents so these documents aren’t laying around in the office and the companies can use the additional office space for other purposes.

Maintain eCommerce Inventory

Many retail businesses today are strictly digital, meaning that they’re strictly an eCommerce company and they don’t have a brick-and-mortar store, and they need space to hold their inventory. These businesses have turned to storage units to store their inventory. These businesses are using storage units as their “warehouse”. We have a wide variety of storage unit sizes, from 7.5 sq.ft. to 273 sq.ft; businesses can select the right unit size at the right price based on their business needs!

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