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Key Benefits of Heat-Controlled Storage Unit Explained in 8 Questions


What is a heat-controlled storage unit? What does it do? What are its benefits? These are common questions customers have about heat-controlled storage units. We are here to ready them today by answering the following seven questions!

1. What are the key benefits of using a heat-controlled storage unit?

Heat-controlled storage units protect more delicate belongings from damage from extreme heat, cold, or humidity by keeping the temperature in the storage between 11 to 13 degrees. Moreover, a heat-controlled storage unit is not sealed the same way a normal indoor storage unit is. A heat-controlled storage facility continuously circulates the air which keeps the air in the storage unit clean. This means you will not need to open your unit just to get some fresh air inside. The efficient circulation of air prevents items stored in a heat-controlled storage from being exposed to unhealthy levels of humidity and dryness which could potentially damage the items.

2. What kind of items would benefit from being stored in a heat-controlled storage?

Essentially, any item that is delicate and is prone to damage from humidity or extreme heat. The items include:

  • Wood furniture, upholstered furniture - especially antiques
  • Fine art
  • Mattresses
  • Musical instruments
  • Books, notebooks, and magazines
  • Business records and important documents
  • Electronics
  • Vinyl records

3. How Does a Heat-Controlled Storage Unit Control Humidity?

Humidity control is critical in preserving the conditions of stored items. If there is too much humidity in the air, items may warp or decay. By storing your items in a heat-controlled storage unit, you will keep your belongings in a space with approximately 55% base humidity.

Removing excess moisture in the air is not the only key benefit of using a heat-controlled storage unit; you can also ensure that your stored items are not exposed to extremely dry conditions. Some items such as musical instruments craze, dry out, or splinter in dry conditions. A heat-controlled storage unit ensures there is fresh air circulating, which keeps the stored items in good condition all year round.

4. Does a Heat-Controlled Storage Unit Prevent Pests?

They sure do! Unlike outdoor storage units that are not sealed well enough to keep out unwanted guests such as bugs, rodents, gnats, or moths, indoor heat-controlled storage units are completely sealed. This prevents unwanted guests from invading your storage unit and damaging your items, since rodent or insect infestations may cause your belongings to become contaminated by feces or dander. Yikes!

5. How Does a Heat-Controlled Unit Protect Electronics?

The high humidity from weather conditions can create moisture on the electrical wiring of electronics and appliances. This moisture can cause severe damage to the wires in refrigerators, televisions, or stereos, to name a few, rendering the devices unusable.

6. Does a Heat-Controlled Storage Unit Protect Belongings From Weather-Induced Incidents?

Heat-controlled storage units are located deep in a protected storage facility, which makes the storage units less susceptible to weather-induced incidents, such as flooding or leaks. Outdoor storage units on the other hand are more prone to such incidents that might cause damage to your belongings.

7. Does a Heat-Controlled Storage Unit Prevent Mold?

In extreme and unregulated temperatures and humidity levels, both delicate and not-so-delicate items in a storage unit may become damp, leading to mold growth. Once mold begins to grow on fibres, such as fabric and paper, it is very difficult to remove it. The mold leaves a stain on the material and creates an odd smell and might be harmful to breathe. Fortunately, with proper heat control in your storage, you can avoid mold growth on your possessions.

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