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How to Prepare a Car for Storage in a Storage Unit This Winter

If you plan to store your car in a car storage for longer than a month, you are going to need to do a few things to get it ready. Otherwise, you will have flat tires, a dead battery...and that is just to name a few of the problems that you will encounter. 

Here are tips you can follow to prepare your vehicle for storage.

1. Wash and Wax the Exterior of Your Car

If you do not clean and protect the paint of your car, any dirt or contaminants left on it will cause corrosion, and turn into rust.

2. Clean and Vacuum the Interior

Again, dirt and debris can cause damage if left to sit for an extended period of time. Place a pan of mothballs inside the vehicle after vacuuming it to keep bugs away.

3. Top Off Fluids

A full fluid reservoir will leave no space for condensation to occur.

4. Change Oil and Filter

Old oil will become acidic and eat away at the inside of your engine. However, fresh oil will take much longer to break down. By changing the oil and filter before storing, your engine seals should remain in good condition throughout the storage period.

5. Grease Steering and Suspension Components

A full grease service will keep the seals and rubber bushings in your suspension from drying out while the car is in storage.

6. Disconnect the Battery in Older Vehicles

If your battery is left connected, its charge will completely deplete, causing one or more of the inner cells to go bad.

7. Place Battery on a Trickle Charger in Newer Vehicles

Most newer vehicles are equipped with advanced computer systems, which require a constant source of power. Without a trickle charger, the computer will have to be completely reprogrammed.

8. Top Off Fuel Tank and Add Fuel Stabilizer

A full tank means that there is less room for condensation; fuel stabilizer will keep the gas from breaking down and evaporating.

9. Make Sure the Parking Brake Is not Engaged

If your vehicle sits for an extended period of time with the parking brake on, the brake pads can rust to the rotor/drum, causing the wheel to seize. Instead, use a set of wheel chocks to keep the vehicle in place.

If you have further questions about car storage or want to book a car storage unit, please contact us at the U-Lock Mini Storage White Rock and South Surrey location and our staff will be delighted to help.