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Bathroom Storage

How to Add Storage Space to Your Bathroom (Part 1)

A bathroom without adequate storage space can really cramp your style. If you find yourself constantly knocking over toiletries and bathing supplies, some extra storage space might just be the solution to your problem. 

From installing spice racks to renting a storage unit, you can create more space in your bathroom without too much effort. Here are eight solutions for creating more space in your washroom.

1. Determine if Spice Racks Will Work in Your Bathroom

If you have wall space above your toilet, to the side of your mirror or in a similar location in your bathroom, extra spice rack storage will likely work for you. Use a tape measure to measure the available space so you know what shelf size is best for your bathroom.

The narrow design of most spice racks along with their usually raised edges, intended to keep spices from falling, are perfect for holding toiletries and bottles.

Spice racks are great for holding makeup and other cosmetics.

a. Purchase Suitable Spice Racks

Your bathroom may only be able to fit a single spice rack, or it may fit a few shelves, but in both cases you will need to purchase a spice rack. Pre-made racks are available at many big box retailers, furniture stores and hardware stores.

Be sure to check the dimensions of the available shelves against the measurements you took earlier of your available spice rack space.

b. Measure and Mark your Spice Sack Placement

Use a pencil and a tape measure to mark the placement of your shelf or shelves on your bathroom wall. Try not to hang the racks too high or low, as this will make them less convenient and accessible.

Generally, two marks measured to the same height, one for the right end of your spice rack and one for the left side, will be sufficient for hanging.

The distance between your marks should be the same as the distance separating the holes that will attach your rack to the wall.

Do not hang the spice racks too close to an electrical outlet or light switch; you do not want to accidentally drill through some wiring in the wall.

c. Install the Spice Racks

Depending on your spice rack, your method of installment will vary. In many cases, you will have to attach some hardware to your wall with a drill. This hardware, usually some kind of simple holding bracket, will then support the shelf or shelves.

In other cases, you may have to screw your shelf directly into the wall with a drill.

Hanging the spice rack on your own, while possible, may be challenging. A helper would likely make installing your shelf or shelves easier.

2. Utilize all Available Surfaces

The back of your bathroom door is a frequently underused space, but it is a great place where you can install extra towel racks. You could also purchase organizers with adhesive backing and stick these to the inside of the doors of your cabinets to boost your bathroom storage capacity.

Frequently, these kinds of organizers are small, but they still work great for things like lipstick, cotton swabs, lotions, eyebrow pencils, toothbrushes and more.

You can also attach some hooks to the back of your bathroom door for hanging towels or robes.

3. Place Stackable Shelves or Drawers in Your Cabinets for More Storage Room

Stacking shelves or drawers will help you utilize more of the space in your cabinets (if they do not already have shelves to begin with). Too often, items clutter the bottom of cabinets while the upper space is unused. Stackable shelves or drawers will help you make better use of this space.

4. Use Jars or Canisters on the Countertop to Store Cosmetics and Toiletries

Having all your bathroom products scattered across the countertop can take up a lot of space. Jars or canisters can help declutter your countertop so you have more space for your toiletries.

You can keep all of the jars or canisters organized on a nice tray on your countertop.

5. Rent a Storage Unit

Renting a storage unit lets you store your bathroom belongings in a safe, secure area and create more room in your bathroom! At U-Lock Mini Storage, we offer a variety of storage unit sizes for you to choose from. You can rent a storage unit that is as big as a walk-in closet or as large as a garage - you can select a storage unit size that best fits your needs!

We offer storage solutions to our clients across Greater Vancouver,  Vancouver Island and the Fraser Valley with storage units in Chilliwack (Chilliwack U-Lock Mini Storage), South Surrey and White Rock (White Rock U-Lock Mini Storage), Burnaby and Vancouver (Burnaby U-Lock Mini Storage), Victoria (Victoria U-Lock Mini Storage), Nanaimo (Nanaimo U-Lock Mini Storage) and Parksville (Parksville U-Lock Mini Storage). 

Please contact a U-Lock Mini Storage self-storage facility near you to inquire about our storage units and our team members will be delighted to answer any questions you have!