6 Nursery Room Organization Tips to Save Space at Home

To help you make the most of your nursery space and stay organized, here are six organization tips for you!

A nursery can be the coziest, most charming room in the house, but it can also be the smallest. If you live in a smaller place, you might even be sharing some of the master bedroom space with the new baby, so effective storage solutions are essential.

You will want to have the perfect nursery ready to welcome the new family member. However, it’s no surprise that babies come with a lot of stuff and need a lot of supplies and, before you know it, your nursery may be full to the brim with items. 

To help you make the most of your nursery space and stay organized, here are six organization tips for you!

Store Excess Items in Bins under the Crib

When you are tight on space, it’s crucial to make the most of every square foot you have. The space beneath the crib is a great spot to store extra items that you might not need right away. Use bins to store extra diapers, wipes, out-of-season clothes and formula. Choosing clear plastic bins allows you to easily find what is stored in each bin. 

If these plastic bins are throwing the look of your nursery off, you can use a crib skirt to hide them underneath. Alternatively, you can use nice woven baskets or decorative cloth bins. 

Keep Supplies in A Shower Caddy

Diapers are an everyday essential and they need to be kept handy. If your changing station is lacking diaper storage, or additional space for other supplies, try using a shower caddy. You can hang the caddy on a wall nearby where you can easily reach for a fresh diaper or wipe when your baby needs a change. This way, you’ll add useful vertical storage to your space. You can even give the caddy a coat of paint to make it match your nursery’s colour scheme and decor!

Use A Tension Rod to Hang Baby Shoes

Baby shoes might well be the second cutest thing in your nursery, after your baby. However, the tiny shoes might get easily mixed up or lost if you have them stashed in a corner or drawer. To keep them organized, you can install a tension rod in the room (the closet is an ideal place) and add curtain clips to hold the shoes. Hang each pair with the clips and make it easier for you to choose a pair for your baby’s outfit.

Sort Baby Clothes by Size And Season

Babies grow fast! This means going through several items in their wardrobe as they outgrow smaller clothing. To keep up with their pace, sort clothes by size and place them in plastic bins or drawers in your closet. It’s best to keep clothes upright to easily see and reach for each outfit. This way, you can rotate through each size as your baby grows and move the smaller items into self storage. 

Use Bins Or Baskets for Accessible Toy Storage

Before your baby is even born, you’re going to deal with a growing toy collection. It’s important to keep them tidy and in one place to avoid hazards and clutter. To do so, you can use baskets, tubs or bins. 

Placing these containers on or near the ground will allow your baby to easily access them at the crawling and walking stages. Not only will your baby be able to reach these containers, but you can also use them to build good habits to put toys away and tidy up after playtime.

Rent A Storage Unit

Another great option for you to free up space in your nursery and home, is to rent a storage unit. If you have items sitting around that you don’t often need or use, you can store them in a storage unit for a short or long term, and access these items whenever you need to.

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