6 Tips for Storing Your Student Dorm Room

Storage Unit for College Dorms

Student life isn’t easy, but at least you can say goodbye to a few months of stress by moving off-campus at the end of the semester! But before you go, don’t forget to safely put your belongings in a storage unit so they are just the way you left them by the time you return. 

Not sure where to start? Here are six essential tips for storing and safekeeping various belongings in a storage unit

1. Books 

You spent a pretty penny on those textbooks, and they should be packed, transported, and stored with care. Books should stay upright or flat on their sides, or their spines may be damaged from improper storage. 

In terms of protecting the books during transport and storage, plastic sleeves are ideal for those rare, prized first editions, and plastic bins are also great for protecting against the elements. 

Moreover, always make sure to store books separately in a smaller box. Otherwise, these books can be too heavy to lift.

2. Bedsheets and towels

Moisture is your number one enemy when it comes to storing bed sheets and towels. As a first step, make sure everything is completely dry before it’s packed away for the summer. 

Similar to protecting the books, plastic bins provide a sealed barrier against the elements and keeps your dry fabrics mildew-free in storage. 

As a final touch, mothballs are great for protecting your fibers against cloth-eating insects during the summer months that you are gone.

3. Laundry hamper 

Laundry hampers are a delicate essentials to any dorm dorm, so it’s important to place your collapsible laundry hamper on top of your belongings so they won’t get crushed. If it isn’t collapsible, you can stack them on top of eachother to save some room.

4. Electronics

Before storing your electronics, make sure all batteries are removed. Batteries can leak if they are not used for a long time, which can damage the appliance in the long run. Next, pack all appliances in the original packaging if possible. If not, packing peanuts offer great protection, especially during transport. Taking the time to cover your screens with a cloth will protect them from the elements during storage as well. Plus, as a bonus, it will protect your gaps and vents from being clogged with dust. 

During moving, make sure to keep them at the top of the moving pile due to the electronics’ fragile nature. As well, keeping the electronics on top keeps them from getting damaged by moisture during storage.

Finally, temperature and humidity will play a huge role in the longevity of your gadgets, so it’s worthwhile to make sure it’s stored somewhere shady and cool.

5. Pictures frames and mirrors 

Picture frames can be scratched during transport and can be damaged by moisture during storage, so packing it in bubble wrap offers great protection for both problems.

During transport, avoid placing anything heavy on top of your picture frames or mirrors. No matter how light, the weight is still capable of damaging your fragile belongings.

When sorting in a storage unit, avoid placing glass frames or mirrors directly on the ground. Old blankets or thick cardboard are a good way to protect the glass from scratching or shattering. Otherwise, cold or rough surfaces from the concentrate may also cause the glass to crack. 

6. Dishes

Much like picture frames, dishes are delicate and need proper protection. Make sure to wrap everything in paper when packing – plenty of paper. Packing bowls and plates on their sides in boxes provides adequate protection from chipping and shattering during transport and storage. 

Still paranoid about your dishes’ integrity during transport? Specialty dish boxes with individual compartments for glassware give protection while in transport and storage. Finally, not all glassware and ceramics were made equally, so make sure to store your most fragile utensils at the top of the pile. 

With the six essential moving tips above, all that’s left to do is to book a van and set a date to temporarily move your well-packed belongings into a storage unit. Unofficially, we think it’s the most fun to do with your best buds – though they might take a little bit of convincing with a large pizza and fizzy drinks on a hot summer day. After that, it’s time to kick your feet up and let the summer adventures begin!

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