How to Add Storage Space to Your Garage (Part 2)

Adding storage space to a garage is a great way to organize your garage and create more room.

Adding storage space to a garage is a great way to organize your garage and create more room. Before you begin adding anything new to your garage, you will first need to organize it by sorting your things and drafting a floor plan. Once your garage is organized, you can build some shelving and install other vertical organization systems. You can also free up some space by hanging things from the ceiling or placing them in cabinets and plastic bins.

Build Shelving

One simple way to maximize the space in your garage is by adding some shelves. You can build some floating shelves on your walls or install premade shelving. Shelves are a good choice because they are inexpensive, easier to access, and they let you take stock of your items.

  • If you buy ready-made shelves, make sure that they are raised so that you can easily clean underneath them.
  • If you want to be thrifty, consider installing second-hand kitchen cabinets in your garage.
  • If you have the space, consider installing some hooks on the underside of your shelves to hang lighter items.

Buy a Pegboard

A pegboard is easy to install and relatively inexpensive. The flat piece of particleboard with evenly spaced holes can be attached to most walls. You can also paint it whatever color you want and alter it to fit a wall space of any size. A pegboard is perfect for storing lightweight things like hand tools or sports equipment.

  • You should be able to find pegboard and hooks at your local hardware store.

Install a Panel-based Vertical Organizing System

This high-end system allows you to maximize your wall space. Each wall in your garage is finished with slotted plastic panels that hold and lock in hooks, shelves and cabinets. However, the system is expensive and, in most cases, it has to be installed by professionals.

This system is a great option for those who want to get the most out of every inch of wall space in their garage. It can handle lightweight and heavy items.

You can go online to find local professionals to install the panels in your garage.

Put Together a Track-based Vertical Organizing System

In this system, shelves, hooks, cabinets and other organizers hang from tracks that are affixed to the garage walls studs. This system is relatively cheap, extremely versatile and capable of handling large and heavy loads. However, it can be difficult to install. You will need to make sure that each track is level with the ones next to it so that the shelving hangs straight.

  • You can find tracks and shelves at most hardware stores.
  • If your garage is not plumb, you may have a difficult time getting your tracks and shelves level. Using a level, you should check the level of your garage before you install the tracks.