5 Reasons Why Vancouver Businesses Should Rent Storage Units This Holiday Season!

As we enter the holiday season,  also  known as the shopping season, retailers need to ensure that their logistics are prepared for the surge in shopping.

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As we enter the holiday season,  also  known as the shopping season, retailers need to ensure that their logistics are prepared for the surge in shopping. One major component of ensuring that the logistics process is seamless is making sure that you have sufficient storage space to hold the surplus amount of inventory you have ordered for the holiday season. One easy and economical way to gain access to additional storage is by renting a storage unit. Here are six reasons why Vancouver businesses should rent storage units this holiday season.

Make Room For Promotional Items

If you have ordered more stock for items you want to promote this holiday season or you want to make more room for holiday-specific promotional products or services, you can rent a storage unit and place items that you do not need to showcase during the holiday season. This will help clear the space needed for your holiday products and services. 

If you do not have a tremendous amount of inventory that you want to store, you can rent a smaller unit such as the 5×5 feet storage unit which is equivalent to a regular closet. If you have more items to store and need a bigger space, there is also a 5×10 feet storage unit available. This storage unit size is equivalent to a walk-in closet.

Secure Your Inventory

While you can store some items at the back of your store, it may not be ideal if your store is not particularly secure. Having your store broken into and inventory stolen during the busy holiday sales season is definitely something you want to avoid. By storing your inventory in a storage unit, you are guaranteeing that your inventory is safely stored in a highly secured storage facility.

At U-Lock Mini Storage Burnaby location, our storage facility is monitored 24 hours a day using digital surveillance. Additionally, we offer storage units that have individual alarms installed, which means that an alarm will be triggered when a trespasser attempts to break into a storage unit.

To further enhance the security of the perimeter, we give each renter a unique access code that they must dial to enter the storage facility and unlock their self-storage unit. Each renter also must enter their unique access code to lock their storage unit and exit the building. This mandatory procedure lets the storage facility keep track of who goes in and out, thus preventing trespassers from entering the storage facility. Compared to storing inventory in a shed, in a backyard or in a garage, storing your inventory in a storage unit is exponentially safer and more secure.

More Affordable Than A Warehouse

We have a variety of storage unit sizes for you to select from and you can select a size that fits your inventory needs. We offer storage unit sizes from anywhere between 5×5 feet to 10×30 feet and our rates start at only $73 per month.

Renting a storage unit to hold your inventory is a more cost-effective solution than using a warehouse because you can rent a storage unit based on your inventory size and budget, and because you always have the flexibility to switch to a smaller or bigger unit. If you have a lot of inventory at the beginning of the holiday season and your inventory is slowly depleting as you approach January or February, you can start with a larger unit size such as 10×10 feet and move down to 5×10 feet.

Month-to-Month Contract With No Long-Term Commitment

As mentioned above, you always have the flexibility to switch to a bigger or smaller storage unit according to your needs because storage facilities, such as U-Lock Mini Storage, do not require monthly contracts. This autonomy lets you switch between different unit sizes from one month to the next. For example, if your inventory is running low towards the beginning of the year and you do not plan on ordering a large number of products to replenish your inventory, you can downsize to a smaller unit.

Convenient Accessibility

To accommodate our customers’ schedules, we offer increased operating hours. You can have access from 6 am to 9 pm, 7 days a week, all year long. Please check your local U-Lock Mini Storage facility for extended hours!