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On the First Day of Christmas

Friday, January 2nd, 2015

The 12 days of Christmas are traditionally the 12 days following Christmas. There are varying opinions whether it starts on December 25th or 26th, whichever way it falls we wanted to put a U-Lock spin on the gifts and have come up with 12 days of promotions starting December 26th to January 6th.

You can follow along on our facebook page f_logo  or see below for a full list.

12 flashlight keychains


On the 12th day of Christmas U-Lock gave to me…

12 flashlight key chains
11 logo pens
10 locks
9 rolls of shrink wrap
8 mirror boxes
7 moving blankets
6 mattress bags
5 rolls of tape
a 4 cube box
3 packing peanuts
2 light up hats
and a wardrobe box

Each day we will feature 10% off that days merchandise or when it is a logo item (day 2, 11 & 12) stop in to pick up your U-Lock swag.

Wishing everyone a Happy and Prosperous 2015!

Halloween Time

Thursday, October 24th, 2013

Bolt has his Halloween Costume all ready, do you?

I found this great costume and it reminded me of my younger days when I roamed free in the forest. Now don’t get me wrong I’m enjoying my time here at U-Lock. I can oversee my domain up on the wall watching all the customers when they come in. I like to play games and guess how many boxes the customers are going to buy when they come in for packing supplies. But there are days I miss the freedom of the tundra.

Anyways back to my costume, there was this lovely mask and ears, and they were purple… my favourite colour, I had to have it. Here I am getting all ready for Halloween.

 2013-10-08 10.14.47

And I will be singing along with What Does the Fox Say? the whole time.

Come in to any of our locations on October 31st for some Halloween treats and see who else shows up to work in a costume.

These Boxes Are Plotting Something

Monday, April 29th, 2013

It might just be my imagination.

Maybe I’ve been surrounded by boxes and packing supplies for too long now. Maybe I’m becoming too suspicious of things.

I know they are only boxes, but I just have this uneasy feeling that these boxes have been doing some scheming. If they had mustaches they would be twirling the ends while give a diabolical laugh.  Not sure what they are planning, but look at them. They are planning something….

What do you think?


Bubble Wrap…..It’s Not Just For Popping

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

Mention bubble wrap and people’s first thoughts are probably popping the little plastic bubbles of air, a little smile appears on their face, that stress relief of that little popping noise. Their second thought is probably for its’ intended purpose as a packing material to safe-keep their treasures, but there are many other uses for the air filled plastic than you would have thought.

You can use it to make clothing; dresses are the most common example, everything from haute couture to summer dresses you can find it, but pants and suits have also been created.


Take a look at this adorable little niblet, a cob of corn costume fashioned with bubble wrap.

When it comes to home furnishings, there are numerous ways to use bubble wrap: a bubble wrap chair, wallpaper, or even as a window treatment (it can be a great insulator or if you just moved in and don’t have curtains yet to give a little privacy cover the windows as you unpack). Here is a room screen constructed out of selectively filled bubble wrap sheets.


In arts & crafts there is no end to the ways bubble wrap can be used, use it as a stamp, fill the little bubbles with items for your own art or screen, pour chocolate for fun textured chocolate pieces, build Christmas trees out of it, use it to float flowers in an arrangement.


Click here to see a collection of bubble wrap images that we found online. Everything from dresses, costumes, crafts, stamping, decorations, jewelry and so much more – even to help keep premature babies in the hospital warm.

What’s your most non-traditional use of bubble wrap?

Happy Popping!